Professional Education in Technologies and Design

Course of Human Anatomy and Physiology

Even during the terrible war, university teachers in Ukraine are interested in how they can organise their curricula without harmful animal use. Prof Alexander Pinsky from the University of Kharkiv is a real multiplier of humane education. He has already been able to interest some of his colleagues in animal-free  education. He also established contact with the Department for Professional Education in Technology and Design at the University of Technology and Design in Kyiv.

The agreement was signed on 2 September 2022 and we provided a video projector and several computer simulation programs and DVDs free of charge. Prof Tetiana Derkach, head of the department, is committed to end all animal use in the course of anatomy and physiology. About 40 frogs per year will be spared a cruel death by decapitation. In addition, leather, fur and silk are to be replaced by artificial materials in the course of consumer goods production at the same department.

The agreement was organised and signed in cooperation with InterNICHE, the International Network for Humane Education.   

Prof Tetiana Derkach, professor of pedagogical sciences, head of the department of professional education in the field of technology and design, Maria Bilyanska, associate professor of pedagogical sciences, department of professional education in the field of technology and design, Garanina Olga, professor of technical sciences, head of the department of design and technology of leather products.  

Prof Maria Bilyanska and Dimitrij Leporskij.

Prof Tetiana Derkach and Dimitrij Leporskij.

Control visit

The inspection visit took place on 18th October 2023. Project manager Dimitrij Leporskij was able to see for himself that the contract is being complied with.

Professor Maria Bilyanskaya confirmed that the use of 40 frogs per year in the course of human anatomy and physiology at the Department of Psychology has been completely discontinued. Instead, animal-free teaching methods have been introduced. Professor Bilyanskaya showed the lecture theatre, which is now equipped with the teaching materials we donated. This innovative way of teaching at the university has also been well received by the students. 

Prof Maria Bilyanska, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, associate professor of the department of professional education in the field of technology and design, and project manager Dimitrij Leporskij. 

Prof Bilyanska and her Studenten are happy about the new humane teaching opportunities.