Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies

Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur

The Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur is already the fourth department of the National University of Technology and Design Kyiv to switch to humane education. The agreement was made possible through Professor Tetiana Derkach, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technology, with whom we signed the first agreement of the university in 2022.

Professor Olena Mokrousova heads the Department of Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies, where research in microbiology and biopharmaceutics is conducted. Following the dissolution of the USSR, the majority of animal experiments at the department were ended. The remaining experiments are primarily in the fields of cell biology and biotechnology. According to the agreement, 22-32 mice, 10-16 mice or rats, 1-2 chickens or rabbits and 10-20 chicken eggs have been used so far per year.

The department received from us a laptop, a video projector, and several software. Professor Olena Mokrousova expressed satisfaction in replacing these experiments with our assistance. All experiments will cease completely from 1st March 2024.

Vetrag für tierversuchsfreies Studium in Kiew
Prof. Elena Mokrousova (left) und Prof. Tetiana Derkach.

Tierversuchsfrei Studieren in Kiew
Students of the department with the donated equipment.